Current Leadership

We have assembled a powerful, driven, and energetic team.  If you have any feedback, questions, or would like to get involved, please email

SWIM Co-Presidents

Mina Alanoly, Class of 2015

Education: McGill University, BEng Electrical Engineering
Work Experience: Project Manager at Cisco, Business Analyst at Excelacom

Lauren Pully, Class of 2015

Education: Columbia University, BS Computer Science
Work Experience: Computer Programmer at Goldman Sachs

Jing Yang, Class of 2015

Education: University of Pennsylvania, BA Economics
Work Experience: Finance Manager at American Express

Vice Presidents and Directors

Alessandra Mak, Alumni, MBA 15

Alison Reip, Admissions, MBA 15

Christine Leech, Mentorship, MBA 15

Cynthia Lin, Speakers and Events, MBA 15

Emily Polivy, Communications, MBA 15

Esther Mangan, Sponsorship and Corporate Recruiting, MBA 15

Hari Won, Admissions, MBA 15

Jinmin Lee, Mentorship, MBA 15

Katia Shtyroka, Speakers and Events, PHD

Khadija Jallow, Social Media and Website, MBA 15

Liron Zighelnic, Speakers and Events, MBA 15

Megha Jain, Entrepreneurship, MBA 15

Natalie Berfeld, Community Service, MBA 15

Shweta Bhandari, Community Outreach, MBA 15

Stephanie Cheng, Sponsorship and Corporate Recruiting, MBA 15

Vanessa Anderson, Entrepreneurship, MBA 15