Current Leadership

We have assembled a powerful, driven, and energetic team.  If you have any feedback, questions, or would like to get involved, please email

SWIM Co-Presidents

Mina Alanoly, Class of 2015

Education: McGill University, BEng Electrical Engineering
Work Experience: Project Manager at Cisco, Business Analyst at Excelacom

Lauren Pully, Class of 2015

Education: Columbia University, BS Computer Science
Work Experience: Computer Programmer at Goldman Sachs

Jing Yang, Class of 2015

Education: University of Pennsylvania, BA Economics
Work Experience: Finance Manager at American Express

Vice Presidents and Directors

Entrepreneurship VPs
Anesha Agarwal
Kellen Brink

Speakers & Events VPs
Kate Agnew
Radhika Chhabra
Denise Sandoval
Yael Kroub

Sponsorship VPs
Ellie Yogev
Krista Bahm
Andrea Schneider

Finance VP
Christa Milley

Admissions VPs
Kate Nichols-Smith
Jessica Bixby
Jeeyun Lee
Jessica Zhandry

Mentorship VPs
Rosanna Lim
Rebecca Gould

Community Events VPs
Alexandra Howitt
Valerie Russell
Katherine Przystup

Alumni Relations VPs
Nidhi Badaya
Michelle Travis

Communications VP
Stephanie Moore

Social Media and Website VPs

me formal Gunjan Paliwal
 VP Social Media and Website

 Prior to joining Sloan, Gunjan completed her MBA from Indian School of Business (ISB) Hyderabad .At ISB also, she was an active member of Women in Business Club (WIB) and contributed to the success of the club. Coming from a developing country such as India, Gunjan is passionate about women empowerment and have been actively involved in various education and social initiatives. She has worked with NGOs such as Nayi Disha and taught computer and English to underprivileged kids.

On professional front, Gunjan has worked in tech sector for better part of her career and most recently with Microsoft as an Account Manager. She is particularly keen on pursuing Digital Marketing and even writing her thesis in the same field. She is very excited to be part of SWIM club as it gives her an opportunity to contribute to one of the most vibrant clubs at MIT Sloan.

In her free time, Gunjan likes to read, write and travel.

Kate Agnew