Sloan Women In Management

Sloan Women in Management (SWIM) works to increase opportunities for all women at MIT Sloan through networking events, speaker series, professional development workshops, mentorship programs, and community-building events. In addition to its year-long programming, SWIM hosts an annual conference where students can dialogue with today's leading women. The organization’s primary goals are to:

  • Create an inviting and supportive community for all Sloan women and individuals who identify as women;
  • Advance the careers of current MIT Sloan women through relevant programming and connections with MIT and MIT Sloan alumni;
  • Work with faculty, administrators, and the greater business community to increase opportunities for women in business; and
  • Attract top-talent female students to MIT Sloan.
Oct 18, 2012

Ten Words of Wisdom for Balancing Work and Life (With a lot of help from my friends)

SWIM was proud to host Janis Fratamico, director of client experience for the IBM global network of client centers, as part of the annual speaker series, where she shared her candid perspective on:

  • Balancing work and life, particularly in the more demanding occupations like consulting
  • Managing your career aspirations with your life plans
  • Expectations and reality checks when it all needs to be juggled

Below are 10 tips she left us with as we look for ways to balance work and life:

Top Ten Words of Wisdom for Balancing Work and Life (With a lot of help from my friends) – advice we would have given ourselves back when….

1. Settle. – understand perfection is impossible. Embrace the messy house, the unmatched kids, and the less than perfect work product. You will miss things – work things and family things. No one will notice any of it as much as you. Be comfortable with imperfection. The first time your kid does something horrifying or you get a note from the Continue reading

Oct 16, 2012

Connections with Unexpected People

Reaching out to others vastly unique from ourselves may seem to be a daunting endeavor, far removed from our individual comfort zones, but can surprisingly lead to success as demonstrated by Christine Marcus, founder of Phoodeez.

Marcus relayed an important message of developing connections with “unexpected” people during her opening remarks at SWIM’s first annual mixer event. Students from a variety of Sloan and non-Sloan programs gathered to listen to Marcus tell her story of homegrown success.

In Marcus’ words, although she and her now business partner, Sal Lupoli, could not be more diverse on paper, they worked seamlessly for the type of business they were about to create together. Continue reading

Oct 9, 2012

Phoodeez – Event Eating Made Easy

Meet Christine at SWIM’s first fall community mixer “Homegrown Success – Supporting Women Across MIT” this Wednesday 10/10 at 7pm in the E62 lobby!

When I spoke with Christine Marcus (Sloan Fellow ’12) a year ago, she asked me about my experience with organizing catering for the SWIM conference.  As it turns out, she was serious about making it easier for MIT students to do business with local caterers.

This vision led Christine to start Phoodeez with her Sloan classmate, Sal Lupoli, who is in the restaurant industry. Phoodeez is an online catering company that streamlines large food orders reducing time and stress for customers including students like me and the SWIM conference organizers. Continue reading

Oct 3, 2012

Team Day – Yet another vague, mysterious, super-fun MIT tradition

Post by Hilary Fischer-Groban, First Year MBA Student at MIT Sloan.

When I ask second-year Sloanies about what to expect from certain events in the first year core semester, the answer is usually along the lines of,  “Oh, it’s better if you don’t have any expectations. Don’t worry; you’ll have fun.  There’s no way to prepare, but it’s really important.” Mysterious! Vague! Fun! At this point, if that means less homework the night before, I’m all for it. Team Day, a one-day break from classes for all first years, was no exception.

As I found out, team day was a two-part event. [Spoiler alert for future first-year Sloanies: If you are looking for a spoiler, there isn’t one. The first part was a case discussion that highlighted the importance of proper decision-making techniques. Our case involved the Continue reading