October 16, 2012

Connections with Unexpected People

Reaching out to others vastly unique from ourselves may seem to be a daunting endeavor, far removed from our individual comfort zones, but can surprisingly lead to success as demonstrated by Christine Marcus, founder of Phoodeez.

Marcus relayed an important message of developing connections with “unexpected” people during her opening remarks at SWIM’s first annual mixer event. Students from a variety of Sloan and non-Sloan programs gathered to listen to Marcus tell her story of homegrown success.

In Marcus’ words, although she and her now business partner, Sal Lupoli, could not be more diverse on paper, they worked seamlessly for the type of business they were about to create together.

Marcus’ unpredicted partnership with Lupoli not only led to the formation of a widely successful company, but also gave her the means to help small food establishment owners to enter a competitive catering business previously dominated by big players such as Cosi.

Marcus’ entrepreneurial spirit has already fulfilled a great local need to streamline the catering process and now can serve as an inspiration and reminder to be open to innovative ideas, unimaginative solutions, and most importantly new people.

Blog by:  Aparna Sud, MIT Undergraduate Student, Class of 2013